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The Book

Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective by Samantha Hardingham is a two-volume anthology, co-published by the Architectural Association (AA) and the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), and is supported by the Graham Foundation and the Cedric Price Estate. The books bring together for the first time all of the projects, articles and talks of British architect Cedric Price, aiming to present his munificence as thinker, philosopher and designer. A student at the AA in the 1950s, Price established his office in London in 1960 and went on to produce some of architecture’s most intensely imaginative and experimental projects of the latter half of the 20th century. His work is central in defining architectural discourse around the emerging postwar themes of mobility and indeterminacy in design.

Samantha Hardingham: about the author
Samantha Hardingham is an architectural writer, editor and curator and has been a design studio tutor across all years at the Architectural Association since 2008. She graduated from the AA in 1993 and her publishing work began then, with several editions of the original ellipsis architecture guide series. She was senior research fellow in the Research Centre for Experimental Practice at the University of Westminster from 2003–09 where she collaborated with Archigram’s David Greene on his L.A.W.u.N #19 & 20 book and exhibition (AA, 2008). Samantha was Visiting Scholar at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal in 2009, and has since lectured internationally and curated a number of exhibitions on Cedric Price’s work including at the Venice Biennale (2011) and Bureau Europa, Maastricht (2014).

Cedric Price Estate
The Cedric Price Estate is comprised of family members who act to safeguard the good name and copyright on any of Price’s work that lies outside those institutions that hold the majority of his archive, specifically the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, St. John’s College, Cambridge and a few private collections. Cedric Price Works 1952—2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective was commissioned by the Estate and has been researched and produced with their full support and co-operation.

Architectural Association Publications
The Architectural Association publishes titles that explore developments in architecture, engineering, landscape and urbanism, as well as the fields that touch on them – philosophy, history, art and photography. Founded as a means of examining influential contemporary projects and opening up ideas to debate, AA Publications has a long tradition of publishing architects, artists and theorists early in their careers. Approximately ten to fifteen titles are published each year.

Canadian Centre for Architecture
The Canadian Centre for Architecture was founded in 1979 as a new form of cultural institution to build public awareness of the role of architecture in society, to promote scholarly research in the field, and to stimulate innovation in design practice. The CCA holds one of the world’s foremost international research collections of publications, conceptual studies, drawings, plans, models, prints, photographs, architectural archives, related artefacts and ephemera. Through its research, exhibitions, publications and public programmes, the CCA aims to broaden the understanding of architecture’s role in contemporary society.

Images courtesy of
Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal
Cedric Price Estate
St John’s College, Cambridge
Alistair and Athena McAlpine
Individual private collections

Format: Hardback & paperback in custom-made slipcase
Size: 310 x 240 mm
Pages: Volume 1, 912 pp; Volume 2, 512 pp
1,255 colour and b&w illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-907896-43-9
RRP: £150


Volume 1:

  • Prologue
    Eleanor Bron

    Brett Steele
    Mirko Zardini

    Samantha Hardingham

    Good and Bad Manners:
    The Education of an Architect

    What About Learning?

    Fun Palace
    The New Aviary
    Mostyn Hotel bar, reception area
    and function room
    Maidenhead Housing Competition
    Sunhouse, Craigmoor
    Robert Fraser Gallery
    Cottage, High Legh
    Truckle Hill
    Hag Hole
    The Claverton Dome
    Worthing Children’s Pavilion
    Selsdon House
    The Establishment Club
    Socco Cheta
    Robson Translloyd Offices
    Tone Vale Hospital
    Hackney Open Space
    British Airways Authority (BAA)
    Office Block, Boiler House, North Side
     and Computer Centre
    Institute of Contemporary Arts
    (ICA) Headquarters
    Sheffield Festival
    Oxford Corner House
    Pop-Up Parliament
    Potteries Thinkbelt
    Air Structures and The Lightweight
    Enclosures Unit (LEU)
    Steel House Competition &
    Housing Research
    The Mart
    Port Eliot & Port Hole
    Information Storage
    World Museum
    Shantasea Development &
    BMI Headquarters
    BTDB Computer Centre
    Tasmania Beach Party
    Detroit Thinkgrid
    Thames Fort

    The People Are In Control

    Phun City
    Munich Village/Olympia
    Two Tree Island
    Southend Roof
    River Clyde
    Dock Ahoy-Truck Safe-AirPortable
    Waterwall/Abu Dhabi Breakwater
    Chelsea FC
    Long Acre

    Calculated Uncertainty

    Castel/House for Sale
    Broome, Perthut, Pertpav and PertDev
    CP Aviary
    South Bank
    Britail, Clajun, Anglia, Strate, Newlink,
    Sidings, Sensor, Trak, Control, Rink, Appex


    Surf 90
    Berlin 92
    Nano Museum
    Button Hole

    CPA Office Members
    Office Job List
    Image References
    Selected Bibliography

Volume 2:
Articles & Talks

  • Introduction
    Samantha Hardingham

  • 1950s
  • Architectural Association Annual Prize-Giving

  • 1960s
  • Reflections on the Team 10 Primer, Architectural Design
  • Fun Palace, ARK
  • Graphics: Where Next? Design
  • Fun Palace, The Architectural Review
  • Pop-Up Parliament, New Society
  • Public Space Programme, Essays in Local Government Enterprise
  • Potteries Thinkbelt, New Society
  • Discussion: Cedric Price, Datum
  • National School Plan, The Architects’ Journal
  • Potteries Thinkbelt: A Plan for Advanced Educational Industry in North Staffordshire, Architectural Design
  • Pneumatics: A Key to Variable Hybrid Structuring Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Pneumatic Structures
  • Towards a 24-Hour Economic Living Toy, Interior Design
  • Camping with Fred and James, Architectural Design
  • Fun Palace, Drama Review
  • What About Learning?, Architectural Design
  • The Industrial Designer, Architectural Design 
  • Non-Plan: An Experiment in Freedom, New Society 
  • Treasure Island, Architectural Design
  • Expediency Architectural Design, Echoes, Architectural Design

  • 1970s 
  • Quantity and Quality of Maths Teachers, New Science Teacher
  • Four Aims for 1970 & Cedric Price: US Snoop, Architectural Design
  • Cedric Price Supplements, Architectural Design
  • A Note on Fixed-Life Evolutionary Housing, Architectural Design
  • On Safety Pins and Other Magnificent Designs,Pegasus
  • Approaching an Architecture of Approximation, Architectural Design
  • AD/AA Polyark Bus Tour, Architectural Design
  • Architectural Magazines
  • Creativity and Technology, Techniques et Architecture
  • Future of Planning, Architectural Design
  • Has the Architectural Profession a Future?
  • Aiming to Miss, Net
  • Provisions and Providers
  • Tricks, Rules and Manners
  • Aiming to Miss
  • Forty London Architects, Net
  • Even Old Moore’s Offers Less
  • Alvin Boyarsky, Peter Cook, James Gowan, Cedric Price discuss Millbank, Architectural Design
  • Housing: The Architect’s Albatross, Architectural Design
  • More Operational Originality, Less Three-Dimensional Ingenuity, More Social Structures, The Architects’ Journal
  • Monochromatic Observations on a Polychromatic Occasion: AA Projects Review, Architectural Association Quarterly
  • Public Spaces Architecture Club
  • Filling the Space: Recent Books on Architecture, Encounter
  • Technology is the Answer, but what was the Question?

  • 1980s
  • Introduction, Ron Herron: 20 Years of Drawings
  • Platforms, Pavilions, Pylons and Plants Houses for Sale
  • If Good Design is Worth Questioning – Here are Some Questions, Architectural Design
  • The Built Environment: The Case against Conservation Environmentalist
  • Anticipating the Future, RIBA Journal
  • Cedric Price on Schools, Building Design
  • Buckminster Fuller 1895–1983, Architectural Design
  • A Summertime Breeze, AA Files
  • Cause and Effect
  • Research and Cooperation
  • Starting Price and Closing Price, Building Design
  • I went to Philadelphia once. It was closed. Building Design
  • Sentimental Journey, Building Design
  • Portman Square Reflections, Building Design
  • Urban Initiative, Building Design
  • Taking a Stand on Housing, Building Design
  • More is not Enough, Building Design
  • My Kind of Town, Architecture Today

  • 1990s
  • Price Lists, Building Design
    Past, Present & Future, Building Design
  • Pass the Buck, Building Design
  • Cedric Price Talks at the AA, 1989, AA Files
  • Folly, Osaka Follies
  • Crystal Balls: A Speculation into Immediate Futures
  • Time and the City 437 The Common Denominator, Europan 2: European Housing Competition
  • Teaching of Architecture and Design
  • Access, Architects and Architecture
  • Pig City Model Farm, AA Files
  • Anticipatory Architecture
  • Price Cuts, The Architects’ Journal

  • 2000s 
  • Arquitectura Silenciosa 5, Potteries Thinkbelt
  • Time: Architecture’s Touchstone
  • May Day
  • Time and Food
  • Nostalgia for the 1960s is Laughable
  • Friendly Alien

Eleanor Bron


The Projects volume covers 112 works from the office job lists of Cedric Price Architects, is presented in chronological order and draws on all original archival material. Five contextual essays punctuate the decades that span Price’s career, with each project then richly illustrated and accompanied by a text that includes essential detail such as site, dates and collaborators, as well as architectural description. The hard-bound volume contains over 900 drawings, photographs and images of objects.

  • Early Work

  • Fun Palace

  • The New Aviary

  • Potteries Thinkbelt

  • Air Structures and The Lightweight Enclosures Unit (LEU)

  • Port Eliot & Port Hole

  • BTDB Computer Centre

  • Inter-Action

  • Southend Roof

  • Generator

  • Turtlan

  • Magnet

Early Work

Pages from a notebook dated 1946

Fun Palace

Draft layout of a page from a Fun Palace promotional pamphlet outlining some of its possible uses, c 1963

The New Aviary

Engineer’s sketch showing cables and space frame tie, Frank Newby c 1961

Potteries Thinkbelt

Perspective of Madeley Transfer area, 1963–66

Air Structures and The Lightweight Enclosures Unit (LEU)

Notes for a speech delivered in Columbia, Maryland, on the use of air structures in education, 1 June 1973

Port Eliot & Port Hole

‘The Lead Tent’, October 1989

BTDB Computer Centre

Price points at the time in the BTDB Computer Centre, c 1969


Sketch diagram showing early programmatic proposals, 2 September 1971

Southend Roof

Photograph of model made by J Petto (aka David Price), 1972


Electronic model made by John and Julia Frazer. The computer reads the position of moveable components on the red board and then prints out possible configurations via the plotter, c 1976.


Conceptual sketches for the halo for the hilltown of Grožnjan, Croatia, 1990


Montage of Magnet 7 at Lakeside shopping centre, Thurrock, 1996, showing the feet of the structure meeting the water. Pink dots represent stepping stones to meet the bridge.

Articles & Talks

The Articles & Talks volume presents another critical dimension of Price’s practice, namely his activities as a public speaker and writer, and forming a vital part of what he considered his usefulness – or not – as an architect. A dialogue runs throughout the talks and articles and into the drawings and project-making and is referenced throughout where project names arise. A mixture of illustrated lecture transcripts and facsimile pieces is soft-bound making for an appropriately magazine-like compendium.

An excerpt from Bringing Down the House (1974), directed by Duncan Dallas and produced for Yorkshire Television. Cedric Price and others are interviewed on the design and science of demolition. Price was, in his lifetime, the only architect member of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors.




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Throughout Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017, a series of events celebrating the life and work of Cedric Price will take place in London and beyond. Keep checking back for updates and visit the AA and CCA websites for more detailed information.

  • Cedric Price Works: Symposium


    A one-day event to celebrate the publication of Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective

    Office members from Cedric Price Architects, colleagues and collaborators will participate in conversations, competitions and chance encounters throughout the day that address themes within the work in relation to that most intensely imaginative and experimental period of the second half of the twentieth century, through which Price shaped his practice.

    Architectural Association
    Lecture Hall, 10am

    Please note: This event will be ticketed. More details will be released closer to the time.

  • Cedric Price Works: Book Launch


    Please join us to celebrate the launch of Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective. The evening’s activities will include: a mystery competition and prize-giving, speeches by Brett Steele, Eleanor Bron and Samantha Hardingham, and a drinks reception.

    Architectural Association
    Rear Second Presentation Space, 6.30pm

  • An Afternoon with Cedric Price no. 1


    The CCA hosts an afternoon of discussion in Lisbon around the work of Cedric Price on the occasion of the exhibition Obra / Building Site, which features Price’s McAppy project as part of the fourth Lisbon Triennale,The Form of Form, and of the publication of Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective.

    With the participation of Samantha Hardingham, Isabelle Doucet, Tanja Herdt, Jim Njoo, and Ben Sweeting.

    A CCA c/o Lisboa event Conversation
    Travessa do Cabo, 10–12. 1250-058 Lisboa

  • An Afternoon with Cedric Price no. 2


    The CCA hosts a second afternoon of discussion on the work of Cedric Price. As Price’s archive is one of the most consulted at the CCA, we have invited scholars, mostly from North America, to present their individual motivations and methodologies for researching the architect’s key projects.

    With the participation of Samantha Hardingham, Whitney Moon, Molly Wright Steenson, Kathy Velikov, and Mark Wigley.

    Admission is free, but registration is encouraged because seating is limited. To register, please contact Christine Dalle-Vedove at

  • Cedric Price Works: The Making of a Project


    A roundtable discussion at the University of Illinois at Chicago to celebrate the launch of Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective. While a first roundtable at the AA last October invited former office members, colleagues and collaborators to share their experiences of working with Price, this event will focus on the making of the project – working on Price.

    Organised by the AA in collaboration with UIC

    University of Illinois at Chicago
    Time 5.30pm

  • Cedric Price Works: North American Book Launch

    New York

    A North American launch to celebrate the release of Cedric Price Works 1952–2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective.

    Organised by the AA in collaboration with MoMA

    MoMA Library, New York
    Time 6.30pm


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